Locating quality Super 8 cameras, film stock, equipment and supplies is now quite easy, we’ve got every supplier listed in every corner of the world.

The Halogenuros project

Daniel Henríquez-Ilic ambitious, experimental project was conceived to demonstrate the amazing capacity of the Super 8 image when coupled with modern 2k telecine technology.

Need a manual?

If you’ve just bought a camera, but haven’t got the manual then check out the list of Super 8 manuals in .pdf format, it’s huge…
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How to buy a Super 8 movie camera

Ebay have a pretty good guide to buying a Super 8 camera covering the basic things to look out for as well as a few personal recommendations. Read on…

List of Super 8 cameras

You want to find more about one particular Super 8 camera. They are all here.


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web resources

Guides and manuals

With such a huge amount of kit out there, finding out what does what is tricky. Here are some essential Super 8 and small gauge film equipment guides and manuals.

 Ape City
 Atoll Medien (books)
 Bolex Collector
 eBay – how to guide…
 Marriott Camera Guide
 Old Timer Cameras
 Super 8 Aid
 Super 8mm Cam. Guide
 Super 8 data base
 Super 8 Exchange
 Super 8 Techguide
 Super 8 Projektor
 Super 8 Wiki – Cameras
 Takahiro Nakano Web

Gear and consumables

If you are looking to buy (or rent) new Super 8 or Single 8 cameras, projectors and other equipment, you could do no better than starting your searches at the following sites. Some also include essential sundries such as batteries, film leader, splicing tapes, film reels etc.

 Arcoris Super 8
 ASA 90
 Battery County
 Beaulieu Deutschland
 Camera Centre
 Chambless Cine
 Cine vis 8 & 16
 CIR srl
 Du-All Camera
 EWA Marine
 FFR Film
 F. & S. Marriott
 Foster Films
 Hammann Filmtechnik
 Kinotechnik Rinser
 Lee’s Cameras
 Movie Stuff
 MWA Nova
 Nizo Camera
 Noyan Noyan
 Pro 8mm
 Projector Movies
 The Old Film Company
 Retro Enterprises
 Sendean Cameras
 Small Battery Company
 Spectra Film & Video
 Super 8 Camera Shop
 Super 8 Centre
 Super 8 Exchange
 Super 8 Film
 Super 8 France
 Super 8 Ireland
 Super 8 Stuff
 Tayloreel Corporation
 Tobin Cinema Systems
 Tuscan Corp
 Urbanski Film
 Widescreen Centre


There are still experts out there who can refurbish and repair Super 8 and other small gauge film equipment, perfect for keeping your shoots trouble free!

 Bolex International
 Cine vis 8 & 16
 Du-All Camera
 Kino Video Technik
 Kominek Camera
 K W Technical Services
 Pro 8mm
 Spectra Film & Video
 Super 8 Reversal Lab
 Super 8 Stuff

Super 8 and sound

With sound film long discontinued, shoots will have to have their sounded recorded via more sophisticated methods. Whether you need a sound barney or need to synchronize your camera to a recording device (crystal sync), start here.

 The Film Group
 Super 8 Sync

Film stock and sales

There are numerous other Super 8 film stocks available as well as Regular, Single 8 and Double Super 8 films.

 AGF Laboratórios
 Andec Filmtechnik
 Arcoris Super 8
 Cine vis 8 & 16
 Color City
 DVD Infinity
 FFR Film Filmtechnik
 Fuji Single 8 (Japanese)
 Garage 5
 Kahl Film
 Kodak Super 8
 Nano Lab
 Norsk Smalfilm
 Noyan Noyan
 The Old Film Company
 Pro 8mm
 Retro Enterprises
 Spectra Film & Video
 Stanley Productions
 Super 8 Bauer Nizo
 Super 8 Centre
 Super 8 France
 Super 8 Ireland
 Widescreen Centre

Pressure plate

If results from your Super 8 cartridges are variable, there is a nifty little device which will keep your film rock solid – resulting in no more jittery images..

 Frame Master