Feature articles on Super 8 and small film devling deeper into the format and the people who use it regularly.

Cambridge round-up

We go behind the scenes at the four day long Cambridge Super 8 Film festival 2009, now possibly the world’s biggest and best celebration of the format……
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The Scrum Tilly Lush

Shot in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belfast, Berlin, Bristol, Dublin, Helsinki, London, Malmo, Paris and Stockholm, The Scrum Tilly Lush takes its cue from classic skate films, but has its roots somewhere very different….
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Dowa Mondai – assimilation issues

Bob Jaroc’s short Super 8 film really pushes the boundaries of the format with some beautiful editing and gorgeous cinematography. Read and interview with its maker and watch in HD…
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My super 8 wedding Wedding films shot on Super 8, why not having a lovely cine film done for your wedding. They are based in Cambridge and will also cover Norwich, London, France and some part of Europe

Rock ‘n’ roll filmmaking with straight 8 – another year another rollercoaster ride!
My Chemical Romance – a summer love affair becomes a lifelong obsession!
Getting back to basics – just why do we shoot Super8?
Seeds – Ryland Bouchard’s DVD album shot largely on Super 8
Cambridge round-up – behind the scenes at the 2009 Cambridge Super 8 Film Festival
Super 8 on the ‘Wall of Fame’ – how we helped Channel 5 determine Super 8’s rightful place
The modest medium – an amazing archive UNESCO report on Super 8
The Scrum Tilly Lush – behind the scenes on a skateboard travelogue
The Halogenuros Project – ground breaking HD experimental film on the podcast
Big movies in a small cinema – get the buzz from the 2008 NOMOS awards
Exp 24 launch – experimental film goes public in Leeds
Single Cartridge Anatomy – analysis of our own straight 8 shoot
Dowa Mondai – Assimilation Issues – the inside scoop on a truly beautiful Super 8 short
Dots, bleeps and a ukelele! – a very special Super 8 performance in Cambridge
No Use – skate meets art – Irish skatebaord flick meets art project
Living life on the Westside – nine Super 8 stocks in one short!
Old tricks for new dogs… – the thrill of re-discovering small film
A pro’s approach to Super 8 – an interview with James Chressanthis, ASC
Silence is Golden – a glimpse into the world of Super 8 silent film
The Odd Conversation – a single take Super 8 short
Strawberry Film Preview Night – a sneaky peak at this year’s line up
A new generation discovers – making movies with Super 8
Shifted Perceptions – an award winning Super 8 documentary
Small film canine capers – interview with the team behind Dog Years
Bit by bit by bit – low down on high-def telecine transfers
Happy Days on Super 8 – weddings on super 8
In Dog Years – Ben’s life frame by frame
Pure Sweet Hell – its hell in North American cyclo-cross
Antipodean Super 8 Group – Super 8 stronger than ever down under
Filmers Almanac – the internet catches up with a year long Super 8 epic
Tilda Swinton: a Super 8 muse – the avant-garde White Witch