Super 8 is not only an entry into celluloid film making, but an entire genre in itself. Combine the physical beauty of Super 8 film with the convenience of digital video editing and you’ve got the best of both worlds…

Kodak – Spotlight on Super 8

It was Kodak who developed the Super 8 format back in 1965. They still produce a wide range of colour and black & white films, find out more at the dedicated Super 8 area of their website…

Wabi Sabi in Super 8

Dagie Brundert is the high priestess of the Super 8 scene with a massive back catalogue of very personal films. Her Wabi Sabi in Super 8 website is a great introduction to the uniqueness of the format…


This Super 8 Wikipedia has information on every aspect of small gauge filmmaking, it’s a great place to start learning…

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web resources



If you’re working in Super 8 or small gauge film reference books are few and far between. The following sites will help provide the necessary background information.

 Filmshooting | Com
 Super 8 Basics
 Super 8 Camera
 Super 8 data base
 Super 8mm.net
 Super 8 Russia
 Super 8 Site
 Super 8 Spain


As a Super 8 filmmaker it can seem like you’re alone. Don’t worry you’re not, here’s where the other Super 8 and small gauge filmmakers are hanging out.

 Bury Cine Society
 Echo Park Film Center
 IFCO Super 8 Club
 Mire Exp
 Moving Image Coalition
 n.o.where Lab
 Shooting People
 Super 8 Porter
 Talent Circle

Online Forums

The following are active online forums specifically dealing with all things Super 8 film and small gauge celluloid.

 Ciné Super 8
 Comunidade Super 8
 Filmshooting | com
 Filmvorfuehrer Forum
 Indie Talk – Super 8
 Super 8 Aid
 Super 8 Foro
 Voodoo Film Forum


Detailed Super 8 film and small gauge reference information can be found at the following sites.

 Ciné Super 8
 Comunidade Super 8
 8mm Metadirectory
 Filmshooting | com
 Film Forever
 Into 8mm Film
 Kodak Super 8
 Little Film
 Super 8 Man
 Super 8 Wiki
 Wabi-Sabi in Super 8


There’s nothing like ink on paper for learning about Super 8 and small film, they’re portable too!.

 Super 8 Today

Web 2.0

The explosion of social networking has been a boon for filmmakers, giving them new ways to share resources and ideas as well as new ways to show their work.


Small format and Super 8 filmmakers like to blog too, there’s just not that many of them!

 Adventures in Super 8
 Andrés Victorero
 Dagie Brundert
 Flicker Los Angeles
 Frame Discreet
 Home Movie Night
 Lost in Light
 One Take Super 8
 One Take Syracuse
 Philips Films
 Pro 8mm 
 Production Notes
 Super 8 Theatre
 Torpigilia Productions
 Visionary Film
 Zenit Quarz Cameras

Social networking

They’re all here, creating networks of Super 8ers on Facebook , Twitter , Vimeo , Flickr  and Daily Motion 

  8mm and 16mm
  Cambridge Super 8
  Home Developed Film
  North West Super 8
  One Take Super 8
  Pro 8mm
  Pro 8mm users
  “super 8” flickr
  “super 8” twitter
  Super 8 Era
  Super 8 Group
  Super 8 HD
  Super 8mm 
  Super 8mm film
  Super 8 Shooters
  Super Super 8
  Straight 8


Here are some places around the world where Super 8 really is king!

 Echo Park Film Center