Another ground-breaking first in with world of small gauge film…Those of you with long memories may remember previous articles we’ve posted about Daniel Henríquez-Ilic ambitious Halogenuros project, conceived to demonstrate the capacity of the Super 8 image when coupled with 2k scanning technology and a workflow resulting a 35mm theatrical print.Today, we are genuinely thrilled to be hosting the full 9 minute 14 second version of this remarkable film in both Standard and High Definition versions. As you watch this impressive short (links below) don’t forget the workflow that got these images to you;

Shot entirely on Super 8 using Vision2 100T (Pro8/12), Vision2 200T (Kodak 7217), Vision2 50D (Pro8/01) and Vision2 250D (Pro8/05) – Spirit Datacine 2K telecine (10 bit data) at the world famous Park Road Post, New Zealand – editing, colour grading and cropping – grading for the film-out on Quantel eQ using a Look Up Table and mantaining the LUT for the internet delivery (so this version has similarities with the look of the 35mm print) which was undertaken in Chile – for internet delivery output to H.264 with Rec 709 colourspace



We are hugely grateful to Daniel for letting us host his remarkable film and we’re particularly thankful for his huge patience whist we sorted out the technicalities in getting the film prepared for the internet.

Further information on the film will be shortly available at www.filmhalogenuros.cl including a full report (at this stage in Spanish) on the making of this ground breaking Super 8mm film.

The future of Super 8 is here!