Sometimes you just need a bit of help in solving a particular small film problem that’s been niggling you for ages. With this in mind, here are even more useful hints, tips, gadgets and gizmos that will make your Super 8 shoot just that little bit easier.

To Filter or not to Filter

With a proliferation of professional stocks, there’s a school of thought that says external filters are best for Tungsten balanced film…

Perfect Timing?

We tinkered with some electronics to ensure that when we wanted a three second shot, we got a three second shot. Find out how we did it.

Know your Kodak film

Find out how to decode the data on the side of Kodak film boxes so that you’re always shooting with film from the same manufacturing batch.

Seagull Angle Viewfinder – a great little gadget for those low level shots
Wireless remote – cable free triggering for little outlay
Cheap video assist – a cheap alternative to the viewfinder
Hyper focus calculator – depth of field calculator on the iPhone
Perfect Timing? – how to get those perfectly timed shots
Top Ten Tips – top tips for single cartridge shoots
Super cheap LED light – infil lights on the cheap
Know your Kodak film – how to identify your film
Push me, pull me? – push and pull processing for beginners
To Filter or not To Filter – the ins and outs of internal filters
Check Twice, Shoot Once – it’s basic, but ever so important
Cinematographer’s Guide – Kodak’s bible
DIY Camera Gear – what shell out when you can DIY?
Make your own film? – what, are you mad?
Even cheaper frame counting – frame by frame by frame
Smooth panning – getting pro. pans with a bit of practice
Ready for the web, STAMPot – getting ready for the web
Steadycam for $14 – yes, just 14 bucks!
Frame counter – simple electronic frame counting
Depth of Field calculator – what it says!
Video Space widget – how much hard drive sapce will you need?
The Super 8 Calculator – our own Super 8 calculator