Know your Kodak Film


Here’s a handy tip from the ever useful Cinematography.comIn the image above, you see the ever familar data label, as found on all recent Kodak Super 8mm products. The code highlighted in the red box can be broken down thus;

7217 – film type – in this case Vision 2
099 – the Kodak emulsion code

038 – the roll number – i.e. which 4ft x 6000ft the film has come from
.01 – the part roll – i.e. the part roll, or section cut from the roll

Slit-16 – the slit number – i.e. the 8mm slit from the part from the roll.

So its all a bit like matching wallpaper!

Chances are you’ll always be getting film from the same roll, and probably the same part, but check your slits – your Super 8mm films might have all come from different sections of that massive 4ft x 6000ft original roll of film. And why no use by dates anymore – it seems its all classed as professional stock and pros don’t have use by dates.