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The thrill of the chase is in the screening. Here is the definitive guide to dedicated Super 8 festivals, events and regular screenings. And for completeness, Super 8 shorts and features on the big and little screen…

Cambridge Super 8 Film Festival

Possibly, the biggest, longest and most comprehensive Super 8 film festival on the planet takes place every Spring in the world famous University town of Cambridge (UK). Find out about past festivals, watch past films and keep abreast of their ongoing events and screenings…
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Super 8 Festivals

Only originated on 8mm film, that’s the rule for these guys, either for dedicated Super 8 only festivals, or festivals with Super 8 programmes.  These are the event dates, so you’ll have to check for submission deadlines well in advance.

january – march

 $100 Film festival
 Dresdner Schmalfilmtage
 USA Super 8 and DV Film Festival

april – june

 Cambridge Super 8 Film Festival
 Georgetown Super 8
 Straight 8

july – september

 8mm Festival
 Szeged Super 8 Fesztivále
 Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt
 Revel-8 Film Festival
 Taos Bentley Film Festival

october – december

 Mono No Aware
 One Take Super 8
 Super 8 Film Festival Milan
 Tourné Monté Super 8

gone, but not forgfotten

 Super 8 Size It

 Toma Única

Shorts and more

Online examples and downloads of Super 8 short films,  denotes music video.

 Bike Kill 2005
 The Crook
 Dark Night Avenger
 Dog Years
 8mm Megami
 Exodus Damage
 Hazmat Ghost
 I, Punjabi
 Ika Matsuri
 Kiss of the Sun
 Last One is a Rotten Egg
 The Light Of Eons
 One Twenty
 Pigeon of Kajol
 Rage of Silence
 Super 8 Bunch
 Swindling Charade
 Trance Manual 
 3000 miles/5000k
 Trickery of Travelers
 Venedig Sjunker 
 Which Way to the…

screening sites

 Dagie Brundert
 Filmers Almanac
 Focusmatic Trigger
 Michael Hedelain
 Nick Golebiewski
 SCW Films
 Sonnyboo’s Super 8
 Straight 8 (past films)
 Stefan Möckel
 Super 8 Site

super 8 features

 IMDb Movies on Super 8
 In My Image

super 8 art

Super 8 has long since had a very special place and a unique contribution to make in the art world.

 Ben Barton
 Celluloid Gurus
 re-Sotto film
 John Porter
 Tony Woods
 Vito Acconci

super 8 heroes

 Derek Jarman
 Danny Plotnick
 John Porter

home movies

Where it all began, the home movie.

 Home Movie Day
 Super 8 Film Project

super 8 film collecting

There’s a passonate collectors community, screening all sorts of films on Super 8.

 British Film Collectors
 Camera Craft
 8mm Film Forum
 The Film Centre
 Foster Films
 Lee’s Cameras
 Mundo Super 8
 Phil’s Vintage
 Projector Movies
 The Reel Image
 Stephan Binder